Published book entries must meet the following criteria:

  1. Scholarly, peer reviewed  non-fiction
  2. Focus relates to Tejano history, genealogy, or heritage
  3. Based on original research with full documentation, including footnotes and bibliography
  4. Appeals to general public, genealogists, or scholars
  5. Contains substantial primary sources
  6. All works entered must be published in a print format
  7. Unpublished manuscripts and online publications will not be considered
  8. Entry must be the first published version of the work
  9. A copy of the book entry must be sent to each of the three judges on the panel


Self-published books and journals must meet the following criteria:

  1. Availability to the general public
  2. Focus on Tejano history, heritage and genealogy
  3. Work is archival collection, historical and non-fiction
  4. Written work is clear, interesting and well organized
  5. Print on paper is attractive, legible and accessible
  6. Illustrations and graphics apply to content of written work
  7. Written work is useful to reader
  8. Written work is enjoyable to read
  9. A copy of the book or journal must be sent to TGSA