Standing Rules


Adopted 20 November 2015 - Posted 28 February 2016


1.  Meetings.  Meetings will be held on a monthly basis at a predetermined time and place; meeting information will be advertised on the TGSA website, on social media and a reminder will be sent to members via email approximately 5 days prior to a regularly scheduled meeting,.  Meetings are historically suspended in May (Memorial Day) and December (Christmas).  In addition, meetings may be suspended in September or October if too close in proximity to the annual state conference.  Board of Director meetings will be held as required.  Special meetings may be called to facilitate Society business, committee reporting, etc.

2.  Quorum.  A quorum consists of 30% of the members.  A minimum of five (5) members must be present to conduct society business.  If there are less than five (5) members present or less than a quorum, society business cannot be conducted and should be rescheduled for a subsequent meeting.  Planned presentations and information dissemination may proceed.  A member may grant his/her proxy by email or in writing to any other member who will be present at the meeting. 

3.  Speakers/Presenters.  Speakers will be presented with a $50 gift card as appreciation for speaking at meetings or other events.  The same will be presented to members who are invited to speak at meetings or other events.  Officers/Board Members will not be compensated by TGSA for speaking at monthly meetings.  Authors who request a book signing may be compensated at the discretion of the Board of Directors.  A certificate of appreciation will also be presented to guest speakers.  Tejano Book Award Winners nor Members' Choice Book Award Winners will not be compensated for their presentation associated with their book award.

4.  Logo.  The TGSA logo will be used for official correspondence including meeting notes, agendas, memos and letters, website(s) and other uses deemed appropriate.  Use of the logo for sales items or unofficial business must be approved by the Board of Directors.

5.  Eligibility.  Membership eligibility shall be open to any individual or couple with an interest in genealogy and history. Membership is granted upon payment of member dues.  Member dues for first time members are prorated based on the month in which the dues are paid.  Occasionally TGSA may grant membership to the following:

  • Guest speakers at special TGSA events
  • Drawing winners at special TGSA events
  • Others as a reward deemed appropriate by the TGSA

Types of members:  An active member is a member in good standing with all duties and privileges prescribed in the TGSA Bylaws.  Membership types:

  • Individual/Couple:  $25
  • Organizational:       $25

6.  Dues.  Dues are payable 1 January and are in effect for the full calendar year. Reminders will sent out in January and members may be removed from the member roll at the discretion of TGSA.  Dues are prorated for the initial enrollment of a member as follows:

Dues are as follows for new members enrolling during the month of:

January, February, March $25
April, May, June $20
July, August, September $15
October, November, December $10

7.  Nominations.  A Nominating Chairperson shall be selected by the Board of Directors no fewer than 60 days prior to September elections of new officers.  The Chair shall ensure that at least one (1) nominee for each office is eligible and willing to serve as President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer for the term of two (2) years with elections in even-number years.  The Chair shall report the names of the nominees to the TGSA membership by the August business meeting and shall ask for additional nominees at that time. 

Ballots should be made available to voting members by the November meeting.  The Chair shall again ask for nominees prior to ballots being given to active members for voting.  Write-in of nominees are acceptable.  A Ballot Committee shall be selected by the President to ensure voting members are in good standing, to tabulate ballots and report the voting results back to the membership at the same meeting.  No candidate for office shall be a member of the Ballot Committee.  Tie votes may be determined by coin toss.

8.  Vacancies.  If the Presidents’ position becomes vacant, the Vice-President assumes the position of President for the remainder of the term.  If the Vice President is unable or unwilling to accept the President’s position, a special election should occur.  Other officer vacancies may be filled by special election by the eligible membership.  If there are less than three (3) months remaining on the vacancy, then the President has the option to appoint an “Interim Officer”.  

9.  Board of Director Terms.  The Term for the Board of Directors shall be two (2) years. Candidates may run for the same office no more than two (2) consecutive terms for a total of four years served per office.

10.  Board of Director Installation.  Installation of the Board of Directors shall occur within 60 days after the election takes place.  The newly elected officers assume their official duties effective January 1 or immediately following the election, if the election occurred after January 1 

11.  Amendments.  These Standing Rules may be amended by majority vote of the eligible voting membership.